The Case for Review

The Case for Review Following my previous notes, reference was made to “The Case for Review”. The purpose of this note is to explain why People need to think about Reviewing any investments and pensions they have, and readdress their appropriateness in a fast changing world. I suspect this note…

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NS&I Pensioner Bond Launch – Website Crashes!

NS&I Pensioner Bond Launch – Website Crashes! The eagerly awaited pensioner bonds have finally gone on sale yesterday. The date of the actual launch was kept under wraps and the website crashing has probably vindicated this usual approach. Market-leading rates after years of low returns on accounts meant the bonds…

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Lump Sum Recycling

Lump Sum Recycling As most of you will be aware, new rules come in to play in April 2015 in relation to the annual allowance in retirement brought in under the pension freedoms scheme. There are fears though that people may look to recycle pension cash back into their pension…

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Locked out of Pensions Freedom or Pay more for the Privilege

Locked Out of Pensions Freedom or Pay More For The Privilege. As I have mentioned in a previous note, we are starting to hear Pension Providers are redeveloping their propositions ready for April next year. This could lock people out of the Freedom of Choice! In the cold light of…

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Living the dream, requires planning

Living the dream, requires planning We all dream of the time when our working life is behind us, a happy retirement, playing golf, holidaying, looking after grand children but planning for this time in your life is essential. Without careful consideration, this dream lifestyle could be a long way off realisation….

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Which Pension Animal are you ?

Which Pension Animal are you? With only 4 months to go until Pensions Freedom in April 2015, there is a lot of noise in the media about cash machine pensions, the buy to let pensioner brigade and HMRC Fines. Not to mention all manner of surveys and potential outcomes. Much…

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Switching Pension Schemes

Following the “Pensions Freedoms” An announcement in the budget a number of things have happened, some good, some bad …. But one of the biggest ‘shifts’ comes in relation to the switching of pensions from ‘Defined Benefit’ pensions to ‘Defined Contribution’ pensions. It is believed that the shift is up…

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Planning your Retirement - Pension Drawdown, Pension Annuity, Investment support and advice

The Pension Advisory Service

The Pension Advisory Service Recent changes to the advisory roles in relation to pension advice on behalf of the government have meant the Money Advice Service has been replaced with two other departments. Working together, The Pension Advisory Service and Citizens Advice will assist in creating a solution that is deemed to…

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Stock Market falls – Impact on your pension

Stock Market falls – Impact on your pension It may or may not have escaped your attention that world stock markets have been in free fall this week. For some time we have been warning clients who are in equity based funds close to their retirement to strongly consider de-risking…

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