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BUILDING UP YOUR NEST EGG IS MORE DISCIPLINE THAN DIFFICULT For today’s retirees, retirement has changed almost beyond recognition since their parents’ day. Building a retirement fund requires saving enough money to pay your bills and continue living comfortably when you are no longer drawing an income. The thought of…

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What is a risk-free rate of return?

What is a risk-free rate of return? The science of capital markets has been built on the concept that investors are due a return over and above the prevailing ‘risk-free rate’ in the market. This excess return is the ‘risk premium’, and rewards investors for taking on higher risk (i.e….

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Switching Pension Schemes

Following the “Pensions Freedoms” An announcement in the budget a number of things have happened, some good, some bad …. But one of the biggest ‘shifts’ comes in relation to the switching of pensions from ‘Defined Benefit’ pensions to ‘Defined Contribution’ pensions. It is believed that the shift is up…

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Planning your Retirement - Pension Drawdown, Pension Annuity, Investment support and advice

The Pension Advisory Service

The Pension Advisory Service Recent changes to the advisory roles in relation to pension advice on behalf of the government have meant the Money Advice Service has been replaced with two other departments. Working together, The Pension Advisory Service and Citizens Advice will assist in creating a solution that is deemed to…

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