IFA Cheshire

Independent Financial Advisers

Finding a good quality IFA can be a difficult task!

What You should look for in an IFA:


A personal and confidential service is paramount to being able to trust the company you talk to

Free Consultation

A good IFA is not afraid to provide a free initial consultation as this provides the basis of the relationship


A company that has access to ALL the financial market so they can source exactly the right financial products for you

FCA Authorised

The company you choose to use must be FCA authorised – by having this recognition it protects you the client under the FCA rules and compensation scheme.

Capped Fees

A company that provides advice can take a percentage or cap their fees. It is better to have capped fees as this means more money goes to make your money work for you!


You should be able to see exactly how much you are being charged and what the fee’s are for!

Someone with current, good quality qualifications

Although qualifications accredit an adviser, an experienced financial adviser is invaluable as they will understand the financial market and be able to provide you with much better range of knowledge

Specialist knowledge in the area you are requiring advice in, for example; retirement

Burfield Independent Financial Advisers tick all these boxes!

Burfield Independent Financial Advisers…

Each adviser in the company has over 25 years’ experience and are expert Independent Financial Advisers. We have some of the highest qualifications for IFA’s in the industry. You will find our approach both trustworthy and valuable. We aim to find you the best products on the market that will provide you the best return.

Because we are independent we can provide any product from any provider that is right for your needs! You can be confident that we look after your interests and always look to provide you the very best financial advice.

With wealth brings a list of options that need to considered both in the short and long term, these decisions should not be taken without advice. We advise you and help you plan for your financial future, we plan for your financial goals, we plan to provide for you and your family what ever the eventuality.

Transparency and Understanding. Our Financial advice will both simplify the process and present you with the facts you need to know! Our advice is their to help you to understand and make the right decisions for your financial future.

How many times have you heard the phrase “Past performance is no guarantee of the future”  No one can be sure of what the future holds, but by planning carefully and protecting your wealth you can give yourself the best possible options for your financial future.

If you would like to speak to one of our advisers now please call us on :

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