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Are you one of the many people in the UK literally losing thousands of pounds each year without knowing it?

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NO one ‘likes’ wasting money…

When it comes to saving a few quid a year many people will bargain for the best deal. After all, it would be daft not to. There are some great online web sites that make it really easy to save a few pounds on our electricity bill, car insurance, holidays, electrical goods, home insurance etc… it pays to shop around, as it all adds up!

“Save a little, live a lot” to quote a famous big name supermarket!

Whilst this is good housekeeping, in reality, this can be hard work. You never really know if its worth it, and there’s always the chance that you don’t end up getting a like for like product of service.

Equally it normally does not add up to that much but people spend hours doing it !

The fact is many people, even the financially astute, are ignoring a simple way of saving thousands of pounds ever year for very little effort.

Now to be honest, this may not be relevant to everyone – But – if you have pension savings in access of £100k you could be one of the many, unknowingly having significant charges vanish from your hard earned pension – wasting money!

So read on…

Let’s look at something:

It is right to get high quality, qualified financial advice, and many pension transfers are legally only available with the assistance or sign off by a qualified adviser.

A financial adviser will most likely to be taking a charge each year from your pension savings, to cover the cost of providing you with qualified financial advice. If you have a pension worth £500k. This charge is a percentage which is quite often around 1%, sometimes less, sometimes more…

Based on 1% that’s £5,000! The quoted industry average is 0.87%.

However, wouldn’t you agree that charging a percentage rate might not be the best way? After all, the amount of work required to look after a fund size of £250k is not doubled if your pension fund is £500k.

You will therefore be paying double to your adviser! Just because your fund is bigger! Now that doesn’t sound fair does it? Why are you paying £2,500 more for what is likely to be the same service as someone with less money in their pension?

Add this up over 5, 10, 15, 20 years or more the saving are truly enormous. In the above example that’s £12,500 over 5 years. Over 20 years it will be more than £50,000!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not saying you are being ripped off – great advice is worth paying for. A Financial adviser will be charging a legally agreed amount that you have signed up for, albeit, it may have been established many years ago when your pension fund was very small!

“Pension savings can be someone’s biggest asset” – more valuable than their house – but – for a lot of people it is just something they pay into and leave to experts to look after… We don’t have the time or understanding, therefor we rely on qualified financial people to look after things for us… after all that’s what they are getting paid for!

All we would say, it is worth checking – to see IF you can get a better deal that could save you thousands of pounds per year – AND, it is not complicated…

Here at Burfield, we have established a new free* to access service* that really does help you to get better value for your money. Simply put, we will provide you with a NO COST comparison quotation. The comparison quotation not only compares costs, but provides you with a comparative forecast….Just so you can see what you could be saving or getting for your money.

Why are we providing this service for free?

Well, to be honest, we are really confident we will be able to save you thousands and provide you with a better all round service…and we think you might like that!

Our vow to you:

  1. Complete transparency! We don’t hide behind jargon and long reports. We will tell you upfront, how much things are costing you and what the benefits are.

  1. We don’t charge you to check. By using our services we won’t charge you for the time we take to find out how much you are paying…we just want the opportunity of quoting you a lower figure to save you money!

    • Conditions:

      • Proof of ALL pension funds

      • Applicants must provide written confirmation of pension fund value

      • Applicants must have a pension fund value over £100k

  1. We have a 5 Star Rated Service. There are no catches. Take a look at our current client feedback… we believe we have a high-quality service that is backed by the reviews we get from our clients – Just see what our clients are saying (Trustpilot)
  1. Annual, simple to understand report and annual reviews.

So why not find out? We don’t charge to provide you with a comparison quotation and even if we do provide you with a more competitive structure you are under no-obligation to use our services.

If you would like more information on the above why not drop us a line by using the contact form detailed below. One of our advisers will then be able to provide you with a free no-obligation quotation:

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